Convertible bonds

Convertible bonds offer the upside potential of equities combined with the benefits of bonds. The market is enjoying rapid growth, and attractive investment prospects abound.

The case for convertible bonds

Why convertible bonds?

Convertible bonds are a unique asset class – they offer investors the potential for equity-like appreciation while providing downside protection similar to that of a fixed income instrument. Given their asymmetric risk/return profile, convertible bonds tend to perform well in many market scenarios and are a compelling long-term contributor to returns in a multi-asset-class portfolio.

When actively managed, convertible bonds can better position you to reach your investment objectives. Read on to learn about the investment strategies available for convertible bonds.

Why us?

We are a specialized boutique with a leading position in global convertible bonds and other asymmetric and convex investment strategies1. Investors have been benefiting from our outstanding track record in actively managing global convertibles since 1984. With a range of defensive, balanced, and dynamic global convertible bond strategies on offer, there is a portfolio to suit investors’ diverse needs.

1 Convex investment strategies make use of the fact that the value of a convertible bond is more sensitive to a rise in the share price than it is to an equivalent drop (asymmetry).


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