Scope. Global investment perspectives.

The magazine provides an in-depth view of Asset Management's global activities. Scope stands for trends, know-how and investment themes.
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Innovation at a discount

Angus Muirhead, Head of Equities in Credit Suisse Asset Management, about the new focus in equity investments.

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The merits of investing in Asia 

Most investors fail to appreciate the potential of Asia, even though the region has the best markets for active stock-pickers.

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Exchange traded funds

ETFs have completely revolutionized the asset management industry. But exactly how they have done so is not always clearly understood.

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Net zero

“Let’s get all portfolios to net zero by 2050. This might be bold, but it’s necessary.”
Jeroen Bos, Global Head of Sustainable Investing at Credit Suisse Asset Management

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Fixed income

How to develop an inflation-fighting strategy for bond investors.

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The opportunities of active management. An avoidance strategy alone is not enough. A more comprehensive and active approach to ESG is needed.

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Senior loans

Why senior loans are loved by bond investors. A notable bond segment that thrives even in inflationary environments.

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Investment strategy

Changed inflation expectations present risks and opportunities. Sensitivity of systematic strategies to inflation.

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Guest view

The evolution of 5G and its benefits for businesses. Stefan Koetz, Acting Head of Market Area Europe & Latin America, Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson

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Inflation: “Some days you tame the tiger. And some days the tiger has you for lunch.”

To what extent and for how long will inflation rise? The uncertainty surrounding the effects of inflation has increased massively. The current situation is calling for existing investment strategies to be reviewed and new opportunities to be evaluated.


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In the long run
Long-term principles.


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The bigger picture
The entire investment spectrum.


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If not now, when?
A world full of opportunity.


Expect the unexpected.
Principles over panic.