Credit Suisse 1a Immo PK postpones IPO

The fund management of the Credit Suisse 1a Immo PK real estate fund has decided to postpone the Initial Public Offering (IPO) scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022 due to the current market conditions and the high volatility in the market for real estate funds.

July 13, 2022

Credit Suisse Funds AG has largely completed preparations for the listing of Credit Suisse 1a Immo PK (CS 1a Immo PK, security no.: 844 303) as planned. However, the market for real estate funds is currently going through a phase of high volatility and strongly fluctuating trading volumes, so that a successful IPO in the fourth quarter of 2022 cannot be guaranteed. Due to the changed market conditions, the situation will be reassessed and information on the further course of action will be provided in due course.

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The key risks of real estate investments include limited liquidity in the real estate market, changing mortgage interest rates, subjective valuation of real estate, inherent risks with respect to the construction of buildings, and environmental risks (e.g. land contamination).

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