Issue of the Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund LogisticsPlus

The real estate fund Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund LogisticsPlus (security number 24 563 395) will carry out a capital increase in the maximum amount of CHF 108 million from August 29, 2022, to September 9, 2022, 12:00 CET. One subscription right will be allocated to each existing unit. Seven subscription rights entitle the holder to subscribe to one new unit. A maximum of 1,000,000 new units will be issued. The issue price per unit is CHF 108.00 net with a net asset value of CHF 105.60 per unit.

August 17, 2022

Investment concept

The Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund LogisticsPlus (CS REF LogisticsPlus) invests in logistics buildings and properties in Switzerland that will be used for logistical activities in the broader sense. The fund focuses in particular on logistics and goods distribution centers (warehouses, handling facilities, high-bay warehouses) along with industrial buildings used for production and processing (light industrial) and data centers. The fund provides institutional and private investors access to a logistics portfolio and is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

The issue at a glance

Issue volume
Maximum CHF 108 mn
Subscription period
From August 29 to September 9, 2022, 12:00 noon CET
Issue price per unit CHF 108.00 net
Subscription ratio Seven (7) subscription rights entitle holder to subscribe to one (1) new unit
Subscription rights trading From August 29 to September 7, 2022, on the SIX Swiss Exchange
Issue date September 16, 2022
Investor group Private and institutional investors
Valor no. / ISIN
24 563 395 / CH024 563 39 50
Valor no. / ISIN / ticker
(subscription right)1
120 305 319 / CH120 305 319 9 / CSLOG1
Type of issue The issue will be carried out on a best-effort basis and as part of a subscription offer in Switzerland.
Purpose The proceeds of the issue will be used for further expansion as well as ongoing construction projects and renovations in the real estate portfolio.
Fund management Credit Suisse Asset Management (Switzerland) Ltd., Zurich
Fund management
Credit Suisse Funds AG, Zurich
Custodian bank Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd., Zurich
Subscription At all Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. branches in Switzerland

1 Valid as of August 29, 2022.


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Further information

Media release – announcement
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Issuing prospectus
Supplement to issuing prospectus
Application for partial refund of the initial charge 
Issuing notice
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Fact sheet
Current annual and semiannual reports

Investment objectives, risks, costs and expenses of the product as well as complete product information can be found in the current sales prospectus with integrated fund contract or the issuing prospectus dated August 18, 2022. The sales prospectus with integrated fund contract or the issuing prospectus should be read carefully prior to making an actual investment.

Possible risks include:

Limited liquidity in comparison to larger listed investment products.

The value of properties can fluctuate, for example as the result of the following factors:

  • Unfavorable changes in supply or demand that negatively impact the acquisition/sale or rental of properties 
  • Development of interest rates and/or currencies 
  • Taxes or changed regulatory conditions in the respective markets 
  • Environmental risks 
  • Disasters 
  • Force majeure and terrorism 

The investment promoted in this marketing material concerns the acquisition of units or shares in a fund and not of any underlying assets. The underlying assets are owned by the fund only. 

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