Swiss Prop Tech Report 2019

PropTech companies are the driving forces behind digital development in the real estate industry. They dominate headlines and sometimes cause restlessness among established real estate companies.

May 21, 2019

In the last years and especially in its founding peak in 2017, the Swiss PropTech industry has shown a tremendous growth up to more than 200 PropTechs in Switzerland as of today. A potential indicator for a massive change in the real estate industry?

PropTechs are regarded as innovative startups that accelerate a holistic digital change. Hereby, collaboration is of utmost importance. But what happens when traditional firms in an industry that is considered as rigid encounter dynamic startups – will those tremendously disparate mindsets complement one another to an engine for the real estate sector’s transformation or rather end up in a clash? What are challenges in the context of collaboration and communication between these parties?

These and many more issues are examined in our second PropTech study.

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