A new, modern building in the heart of Lucerne

A total of 147 high-quality rental apartments are to be added to Lucerne's Tribschen district. The new building fits perfectly into the investment strategy of the CSA RES Commercial investment group, and provides an example of how the political mandate to increase density and create diverse types of housing can be carried out in practice.

January 28, 2022

Qualified investors

The Tribschen district is a popular residential area in Lucerne – lively, diverse, in a central location near the lake, and with excellent traffic connections. A complex called LOU, which will include some 147 top-quality rental apartments and a grocery store, is to be built at Tribschenstrasse 54/56. Completion is expected by the fall of 2024.

The site is currently occupied by two commercial properties that are at the end of their useful life. According to an analysis by the Global Real Estate unit of Credit Suisse Asset Management, this area has considerable unused potential, and a new residential property could greatly increase its value. With the help of a procedure that ensured quality, a variety of structural options were reviewed and a construction project was drawn up.

Support from the city of Lucerne

LOU is the result of a large-scale design competition conducted with the support of the city of Lucerne. The winning project, submitted by the firm Caruso St John Architects in cooperation with the landscape architects at Antón Landschaft, won over the expert panel with its architectural features as well as its approach to urban planning.

The planned L-shaped building will fit into the neighborhood like a puzzle piece. Most of the 147 modern rental and studio apartments will have between 1.5 and 2.5 rooms, in keeping with trends in urban living. Another attractive feature is ample room for bicycles and cars in the underground garage.

Illustrations: LOU is replacing two outdated commercial buildings with 147 high-quality rental apartments. A particular focus is on upgrading the outdoor areas and open spaces.

The neighborhood will also benefit

A grocery store is planned for the ground floor, supplying the Tribschen district with the products needed in everyday life. The redesign of this site, which features improved outdoor areas, will benefit not only the residents of the new building, but also the neighborhood. Generous open spaces will encourage people to meet and interact with one another. In addition, replacing nearly all of the existing above-ground parking spaces with spots in the building's underground garage will make the neighborhood quieter and safer.

Experts praise LOU's architectural qualities and approach to urban planning. This new building, a long-term investment of the CSA RES Commercial investment group, is attractive, modern, and a value-add asset for the city. It is designed to promote the district's development while taking into account the neighborhood and the needs of the Lucerne market.

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