Area development in Bern West

A promising area development plan will soon be implemented in the western section of Bern. This will greatly increase property values, benefiting all relevant interest groups.

April 13, 2022

Photo: It all begins in 2024: The building housing Galenica's headquarters is being completely remodeled. The company will move to a temporary location for the duration of the renovation.

Major changes lie ahead for the Weyermannshaus section of Bern. A lively, diverse neighborhood will take shape over the coming years. In December 2021, Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund Green Property purchased a property on Untermattweg in this up-and-coming area. More than half a century has passed since the building was erected in 1967 and 1968. Since then it has served as the headquarters of its former owner, the internationally active healthcare service provider Galenica. Now 54 years old, the property no longer meets the latest building standards. To bring it into compliance, the structure is to be completely renovated.

Modernizing this eight-story building is expected to take three years, starting in 2024. A particular concern is the building's ongoing operations, which will continue as the renovation is under way. An appropriate solution to this challenge has already been found: For the duration of the renovation, a temporary location will be made available to the Galenica company, formerly the building's owner and now a tenant.

A focus on increasing value

The area development plan provides for the renovation of the existing office building and the construction of an attractive new residential structure. Care will be taken to integrate the new complex as seamlessly as possible into the changing neighborhood. In that context, particular attention will be paid to the needs of all relevant interest groups, since one of the primary objectives of the projected area development is to ensure the satisfaction of tenants, local residents, and other stakeholders – as well as to increase the property's value, economically, environmentally, and functionally.

The extensive experience of the experts at Credit Suisse Real Estate will be helpful in achieving these goals, a view that is echoed by former owner Galenica. Galenica has underscored its commitment to this location; as a tenant, it intends to remain there for the long term.

The office is dead. Long live the office.

Despite all of the benefits of working from home, many people are happy at the prospect of being able to return to the office. However, innovative working environments are needed to ensure that this positive attitude persists in the long run. The office must become a place where people feel comfortable and where working is fun.

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