Flexible new workplace: The office building of the future

There have been significant changes over the past few years in how we work. Remote and hybrid work have become an essential part of our everyday lives. Yet experts agree that the office will regain importance. Indeed, the trend toward working from home has highlighted the advantages of working in an office.

April 13, 2022

Photo: In an area measuring 900  m2, the Spoom location in Pratteln's Ceres Tower offers modern office space – from an open-plan layout to private offices. The right option for every need.

With its fresh green color, the wing chair in the open-plan office immediately catches the observer's eye. In the lounge area, too, with its coffee maker for common use, furniture provides a colorful touch and creates an atmosphere that encourages people to linger. Here employees meet to talk or collaborate on projects in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a constant flow of new people, who exchange a few words and then return to their flexibly structured offices or workspaces, where they can enjoy the peace and quiet they need.

It's an inspiring environment. Most notably, it allows space for interaction and communication, something that proved to be a major challenge as the pandemic forced people to start working from home. Remote work is not a perfect substitute for the office experience, and it's a challenge to recreate the benefits of personal contacts at the office, a brief chat at lunch, or working together on site to find new ideas.

Office concepts that keep pace with the times

What is needed to reinvigorate the concept of office work? Experts agree: flexibility is important. The office of the future must offer workers flexibility in terms of both space and time. At the same time, it should serve as a fixed location where the company's values are lived out and where workers can identify with their employer. This is largely where a sense of solidarity emerges, and where people work together to create new things.

When designing office areas, therefore, it is especially important to include shared spaces. These spaces provide the foundation for team spirit, creativity, and communication within a company. Interaction inspires ingenuity and plays an important role in creative teamwork.

However, there is still a need for dedicated zones where people can concentrate on their work and make telephone calls without being disturbed. It is only through an optimal combination of teamwork, informal discussion, and opportunities to withdraw and work individually that offices can become what they need to be: a place where people enjoy working.

Facts and figures

Uncomplicated and flexible

Today's ideal office takes into account not only the needs of users, but also efficient real estate management. A steady increase in the number of freelancers and microenterprises has led to a demand for full-service real estate companies that can provide flexible, integrated workspaces in small units.

Credit Suisse Asset Management was quick to recognize this need and has been successfully serving this sector since October 2019. The Credit Suisse product, Spoom, combines flexibility – indispensable in today's world – with the advantages of a traditional office. It is a worry-free solution that includes everything needed for efficient business operations, ranging from furniture and common rooms to cleaning and maintenance.

It is designed for small companies, startups, and freelancers, as well as for companies – up to a certain size – that have their headquarters on site. In keeping with Spoom's motto – "Register. Lease. Move in. Sit down. Work." – they can respond nimbly, at any time, to short-term projects and a dynamic order situation.

In three major Swiss metropolitan areas

This service is currently available at five locations. On Lindbergh Allee in Zurich's Glattpark, conveniently located between the city center and the airport, fully furnished offices with between one and seven workspaces are available, as well as state-of-the-art meeting rooms. Some companies lease several offices of different sizes. There are not only a large number of private offices, but also attractive shared spaces where employees can take a creative break or enjoy a casual conversation.

It is a place where people feel comfortable, where collaboration is encouraged, and where work proceeds more smoothly. This applies to the other Spoom sites in the Zurich area as well, which are located in trendy Zurich Nord and in the new, sustainable neighborhood known as Greencity.

One price, everything included. Spoom's flexible office concept includes spacious, modern areas where people can meet and relax.
Photo: Spoom's flexible office concept includes spacious, modern areas where people can meet and relax.

In the heart of the industrial district

Spoom Pratteln is perfect for anyone who enjoys urban life. A large number of contemporary workspaces are located on the second floor of the architecturally striking Ceres Tower, in an area just shy of 900 m2. The furnishings are neutral and light in color, lending themselves to a wide variety of uses. Whether an open-plan design or private offices: With the necessary flexibility, this product can meet the needs of a broad range of users.

Attractive Spoom sites are available in the southern section of Lucerne, too. They are located in Mikropole Mattenhof, a popular area next to the Kriens-Mattenhof train station. In a space also measuring roughly 900 m2, Credit Suisse Asset Management offers move-in-ready offices and project rooms with up to 60 workspaces. There are also common rooms in a modern style, including an espresso lounge where workers can come together to recharge and talk with one another. This helps create an atmosphere that benefits both the team and the company.

The office is dead. Long live the office.

Despite all of the benefits of working from home, many people are happy at the prospect of being able to return to the office. However, innovative working environments are needed to ensure that this positive attitude persists in the long run. The office must become a place where people feel comfortable and where working is fun.

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