Large distribution center up and running after only 12 months

It took just a year to set up a new package distribution center in Bülach. The new building, with an hourly sorting capacity of 5,500 packages, was constructed in record time thanks to smart modular construction.

January 28, 2022

Private and qualified investors

Illustration: Built in record time, yet equipped with all amenities. The logistics building is acclaimed for its many specialized docking stations, numerous loading options, high-speed doors, and large spans in the processing areas.

Logistics center do not start paying off – for the operator and the investor – until they begin to run. This makes it all the more important to build and commission new logistics facilities and distribution systems as quickly as possible. "It took just 16 months from the planning stage through to commissioning to get our fund's newest package distribution center up and running. The new building only took 12 months to complete," says Sascha Paul, Fund Manager of CS REF Logistics Plus, adding: "It's a win for all parties."

The new UPS parcel and distribution center is located in the immediate vicinity of Zurich Airport. The new 6,300-square-meter building replaces the company's previous facility in Rümlang, which had been in operation since 1995.

Modular approach

Smart modular construction played an essential role in completing this major project in such a short time. Modular construction is highly efficient because it uses prefabricated components based on a modular design principle. "This approach provides for relatively short construction periods, is largely independent of weather conditions because the modules can be prefabricated in production facilities even during rainy or cold weather, and ensures precision engineering of the parts, many of which are mass produced," says Kurt Mayer, Managing Director of Goldbeck Rhomberg, the company responsible for carrying out the construction project. Other advantages include high quality standards and extensive planning security as well as related adherence to timelines and costs.

But this concept also makes it possible to satisfy both individual expectations and the sophisticated requirements of modern logistics facilities. Individuality and flexibility thus are integral to the construction project despite the systematized, factory approach. 

Optimizing the property

The last-mile challenges must also be overcome with infrastructure. Ideally, separate shipments are bundled to enable short, quick, and efficient trips to the delivery areas. Proper traffic engineering ensures barrier-free access in the urban surroundings and smooth maneuvering within the site.

The logistics building, which opened its doors in March 2021, features an above-average number of docking bays as well as highly specialized ones, such as variety of loading options that are just 40 centimeters high as well as high-speed doors that also work for Sprinter vans, as needed. In the processing areas, large spans make it possible to easily set up and operate sorting machines. Optimizing the building eliminated the need for compartmentalized downstream hubs, enabling convenient, direct deliveries to end customers.

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