Micro-apartments on the roof

Since the beginning of January, 64 furnished business and premium lofts have been available at Baslerpark in Zurich. Residents can add on other services for an additional fee, such as professional workspaces, meeting rooms, concierge services and a fitness center. The common areas give the lofts a communal feel.

July 8, 2022

Digital natives, ex-pats and newcomers accustomed to high standards in terms of comfort and digitally connected working will find their dream home here in Zurich's city center. And those who appreciate social interaction will feel right at home on the roof of Baslerpark. One of the loft residents is Thomas Dingel, of Bonn, Germany.

He began a new job in Zurich at the beginning of February 2022. Looking for a new apartment, he came upon Baslerpark. It offers the ideal conditions if he decides to work from home. Meeting rooms and a fully-equipped workspace are located on the lower floors.

When he moved in, he was especially pleased by one touch added by the lessor: To his great surprise, one of the support columns in the loft had been painted magenta – his employer's corporate color. "It's been a quantum leap in terms of hospitality here," says Dingel, a managing director at Deutsche Telekom Global Business in Switzerland.

His fully furnished apartment has a modern kitchen with cutlery and dishes as well as everything else he needs. But Dingel regularly cooks in the shared kitchen with his neighbors. Although he still has some trouble understanding the German spoken by his Swiss neighbors, he is slowly but surely integrating into Zurich and he feels "right at home" in Baslerpark.

Flexible loft layouts

The owner of the property, CSA Real Estste Switzerland, completely rebuilt the top floor of Baslerpark last year. The goal of the realignment of the top floor was to diversify the mix of uses. The lofts now occupy 3,300 m2 of space that was once home to offices. Three large terraces with views of the surrounding neighborhood were added.

From the outset, the developer's aim was to build small apartments which, although popular since long before these times of working from home, were conceived to meet changing user needs. The MOVEment micro-apartment concept developed by Halter Immobilien was chosen as the basis of the property's design. The name says it all.

This concept makes it possible to use the lofts – most of which have between 32 and 39 m2 of space – flexibly. Bed and bookcase can be moved electronically at the press of a button. 

From the standard to the all-inclusive package

Common areas with the feel of a living room invite residents to linger. Or they can train together in the ground-floor fitness center in the evenings. The three spacious rooftop terraces that residents can reserve for barbecues contribute to the strong sense of community on the roof of Baslerpark. With a café and a daycare center on the ground floor, living and working at Baslerpark is almost like being in a city or a shared living space: a pleasant, enjoyable and stress–free experience.

The co-living operator Livingtown is the lessor of the lofts and is also responsible for the high-quality and creative interior design. The standard level of service includes apartment cleaning and a laundry service for bed linen. Carsharing, a cooperation with Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer Polestar, is available for an additional fee, as is an all-inclusive package, which features, among other things, yoga classes, a massage service, laundry, and car cleaning. Its location in close proximity to the Letzipark shopping center further enhances the attractiveness of Baslerpark.

This repurposing of space at Baslerpark responds to today's growing demand for micro-apartments that offer additional services. Such apartments are also increasingly in demand among seniors.

The office is dead. Long live the office.

Despite all of the benefits of working from home, many people are happy at the prospect of being able to return to the office. However, innovative working environments are needed to ensure that this positive attitude persists in the long run. The office must become a place where people feel comfortable and where working is fun.

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