New landmark for Münchenstein

The Spenglerturm [Spengler Tower] is a new landmark in the Canton of Basel-Land. Some 150 high-quality apartments are being built on the site of the former mail-order company of the same name in Münchenstein. The existing buildings have been renovated and expanded, providing space for schools, apartments, and stores.

January 28, 2022

Qualified investors

The striking Spenglerturm that is being built on behalf of the CSA RES investment group has a distinctive elegance. With its triangular lower floors, the unique tower uses the geometry and load reserves of the hidden parking garage. The tower has a curving rectangular shape, making for ideal apartment layouts. 

The planned tower is a new addition to the current building stock, and the tower's design includes the site's characteristic ribbon window pattern. Most of the current structures date to the 1970s and 1980s. The complete refurbishment of these buildings that is now necessary includes, among other things, replacing some building envelopes and building technology as well as ensuring earthquake safety.

Tower as a landmark and an attraction

The preservation and development of the Spengler site is in line with the Münchenstein community’s development goals. Increasing the municipality’s density and creating more residential space are a political necessity. The population of Münchenstein is expected to increase by 2,000 people by 2030, to 14,000. The Spenglerturm will become a municipal landmark and act as a magnet, both for those moving there and locals alike. So far the signs are good. The planned structure on the current site is attractive, centrally located, and very well served by both private and public transport. The Basel SBB train station, for example, can be reached by tram in just eight minutes. 

The density at this excellent location is attractive for the CSA RES investment group. The project will create a total of around 15,000 square meters of residential and office space here. By improving the surrounding area the builder and the municipality are creating the conditions for attractive outdoor space with a high value for the district and future tenants. The existing green spaces will be retained. 

For this project, a district planning procedure was necessary, and the municipality and its residents were thus able to influence the design of the planned residential complex. A clear majority approved the district plan during their ordinary municipal meeting and at the ballot box. 

Sustainability as a key criterion

The residential tower will include about 150 high-quality rental apartments – 100 apartments with 2.5 rooms, 24 with 3.5 rooms, and 26 with 4.5 rooms. The Spenglerturm was designed by Basel architect Harry Gugger. Construction in accordance with the Minergie-P and SNBS standards meets all current sustainability and environmental requirements. The property's existing wood chip system will allow the tower to be heated sustainably. The 500 parking spaces in the underground parking garage are the ideal option for meeting the needs of the entire site and the tower.

Temporary arrangements for schools

A major challenge of this complex renovation project was providing temporary space for the some 1,750 students at the "Campus Bildung Gesundheit" and for current tenants. This was necessary as the properties had to be vacated prior to the full renovation. Students at the health schools will return to a new structure at the old location in two years.

Largest property in the portfolio

The renovation of the current buildings and the construction of the tower make the Spengler site in Münchenstein a long-term, sustainable investment by the CSA RES investment group. At the same time, the Spengler site is one of the largest in its portfolio.


The Spenglerturm stands out with its unusual design, transforming from a triangular shape to a rectangle.
Illustration: The Spenglerturm stands out with its unusual design, transforming from a triangular shape to a rectangle.

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