Pure-play investing in the age of automation

Why invest in robotics?

Engineering, artificial intelligence and comprehensive connectivity are coming together to take robotics to the next level. From boosting productivity in conventional fields to revolutionizing everything, from medicine and agriculture to household chores and transportation, robots are penetrating into all areas of modern life. As their reliability and versatility increase and prices drop, robots are set to become, in a word, ubiquitous.

Why now?

A challenging and chaotic short-term market environment supports our argument for investing in the broad structural themes that will shape the future. In this update, Angus Muirhead, the Senior Portfolio Manager for the Credit Suisse Asset Management Robotics Strategy discusses the bright prospects for the continued expansion of robotics and automations systems. Describing where opportunities are emerging in this sector, the update discusses how we have rebalanced our portfolio to take advantage of promising long-term growth opportunities.

This theme is all about the future. A niche for now, robotics offers investors access to a strategy that harbors remarkable potential based on productivity growth – a true long-term source of wealth. With the supply of robots expected to show compound growth of 15% per annum over the coming years,* we believe that investing now will enable investors to get in early, when the growth curve is steepest. 

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* Source: IFR International Federation of Robotics; World Robotics Report 2016 Industrial Robots.

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