Security and Safety

Why invest in security?

As opportunities and growth become connected and integrated, so do risks. An incident that at one time would have engendered costs at a local level now reverberates on a global scale. New vulnerabilities arise in cyberspace, and critical infrastructure needs to be kept safe – all of which increases the demand for security and drives innovation. Contemporary methods of protecting assets and mitigating consequences are essential, and the diverse range of companies that are able to supply such security services are poised for growth and profits.

Why now?

The security space is evolving fast. Providers with an acute awareness of the international scope and technological dimensions of security today are redefining the industry and growing their market share. With the security and safety sector offering significant structural growth potential that is not reflected in current valuations, the perspectives for investors are impressive. At the same time, the market is still relatively exclusive, since the complexity and rapid developments require an intimate knowledge of the field.

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