Insurance-linked strategies

Insurance-linked strategies (ILS) are an innovative niche asset class that allow investors to gain exposure to reinsurance catastrophe risks and earn returns largely uncorrelated to traditional and alternative asset classes.

Investment strategies

ILS strategies access insurance risks, providing cover for prespecified catastrophe events, including natural catastrophes, man-made catastrophes, and specialty lines of business (e.g. agriculture, engineering, marine, and aviation), and receive premiums in return.

Consequently, the performance of ILS is contingent on the occurrence or nonoccurrence of specific insurance events and is uncorrelated to other investments.

ILS strategies typically invest in one or more insurance-linked instruments, including but not limited to securities (e.g. cat bonds), private reinsurance transactions with insurance and reinsurance companies (ILS private transactions) or portfolios of reinsurance contracts (e.g. quota shares).

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