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Credit Suisse Index Funds, or CSIF for short, has stood for precision, daily liquidity, and minimized investment costs since 1994.

Our index funds offer broad diversification, high cost efficiency, and a low risk of deviation from the reference index. Use index funds both as strategic building blocks for your portfolio and to implement tactical investment decisions.

With funds that track sustainable reference indices, it is easy to make a broad-based, ESG-compliant investment quickly and efficiently.

Our Irish ETFs, CSIF (IE) ETF, benefit from a significantly reduced tax rate on US withholding tax. They can be traded continuously on the SIX Swiss Exchange, the Deutsche Börse and the Borsa Italiana.

Why invest in index funds?

Index investing is known as a quick and cost-effective way to get diverse exposure to the market. In this video you will learn why index funds have become so popular and are now widely embraced by all types of investors.

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ETF ad hoc publicity

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The Credit Suisse exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange are subject to the SIX rules governing ad hoc publicity. News and alerts regarding the ETFs will be communicated to investors via the following channels in accordance with the rules set out by SIX.

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