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In a world of finite resources and complex societies, we need to adapt our investment decisions and seek to generate returns sustainably.

Our offering encompasses a broad selection of active and passive investment funds that comply with the Credit Suisse Sustainable Investment Framework or replicate a sustainable index. In doing so, we pursue differing approaches, in which ESG* criteria are applied at various points in the investment process.

Our approach to investing sustainably


We analyze investment opportunities, taking into account ESG risks of potential investee companies. We are looking for solutions that, for example, reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, or improve recyclability of products.


Our specialized team of industry experts identifies green investment opportunities across all asset classes. We understand the environmental impact of products and services, analyze their significance, and detect key impact measures.


We have access to the tools and data that enable us to identify the sustainability grade within an investment. We quantify the environmental impact of companies, analyze product alignment with relevant Sustainable Development Goals, and investigate potential ESG controversies.

Why the time to act is now?

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, impacting society and the environment in varied, complex, and often interdependent ways. The steep rise in greenhouse gas emissions in recent decades has triggered a gradual but steady temperature rise, with further increases expected if we do not take action.

The Earth’s rising temperature has led to an acceleration of adverse weather conditions, increased flood risk, more frequent heat waves, loss of precious biodiversity, and challenges to global food security. Each of these effects will have serious consequences for the global economy and could severely impact the living conditions of people all over the world, with the potential to displace millions and create further inequality within communities.

We can make a difference


We can invest in businesses around the world that provide solutions to facilitate and accelerate the transition to a net zero economy and society. We believe such businesses may provide substantial growth opportunities and often have more resilient business models. As a result, they aim to generate returns, creating a favorable dynamic for both society and our clients.


By engaging with investee companies and using its voting power at their Annual general meeting, Credit Suisse Asset Management can encourage those companies to commit to net zero and therefore help to accelerate the transition.


Our priority is to invest in solutions for the energy transition and to engage with our investee companies to help them set credible transition plans. However, we also pursue a strategy to reduce our exposure to companies that are unwilling to transition, that fail to respond to our engagement efforts, and that have substantial exposure to climate-sensitive sectors.



The Net Zero Asset Managers initiative

Net zero is a core sustainability ambition for Credit Suisse. The commitment sets out a range of actions to accelerate the transition to net zero and emissions reductions.

The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change 

We have signed up to the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC). This underlines our commitment to net zero as a key sustainability ambition.

Climate Action 100+

We are a member of the Climate Action 100+ plan, an industry-wide investor initiative committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change. 

International Corporate Governance Network

The International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) aims to promote effective standards of corporate governance and investor stewardship to advance efficient markets and sustainable economies worldwide.

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Opportunities and risks

Arguments in favor of sustainable investing

  • ESG investments can curb risk and exert positive impacts at the same time.
  • ESG investments tend to exhibit better risk/return attributes than equivalent traditional investments.
  • ESG provides space to consider both financial and non-financial objectives, and to balance these according to client preferences and needs.

Potential risks

  • Actual asset value performance depends on the chosen investment strategy and the market environment.
  • Sustainability investment strategies present a risk of higher tracking errors if they are managed against traditional (non-ESG-compliant) benchmarks.

Your relationship manager will be happy to explain the risks of individual investments to you in detail.

* ESG stands for environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G).

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