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You have dreams. A house, a journey, an early retirement. Learn how our ETFs and other index solutions could help you achieve those goals.

Why invest in index funds?

As a cost-effective and simple way to quickly build a diverse portfolio, ETFs and other index funds have become a favorite among investors. Learn what’s driving their popularity in this video.

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How can I buy Credit Suisse funds?

You can purchase our funds directly through our CSX App, via a registered trading platform, your own bank, or via an advisor. Read the guide to learn more or choose your channel directly below.

Why Credit Suisse Asset Management Index Solutions?


Leverage the knowledge and experience of a dedicated team developing index solutions since 1994.


Low ownership costs and high replication accuracy help you fulfil your investing aims.


Take advantage of a broad and continually expanding range of index mutual funds and ETFs. Bespoke mandates offer further customization.


Trust an investment process built on accountability, transparency, and independent control.


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