USD 1 billion in just three months: Credit Suisse (Lux) Fixed Maturity FR Bond Fund 2023 S-IV

March 13, 2019

The Credit Suisse (Lux) Fixed Maturity FR Bond Fund 2023 S-IV has raised more than USD 1 billion since the beginning of its subscription period in December 2018. This success demonstrates the value of the fixed-maturity solution in the current investment climate: an attractive yield, a short and predefined maturity, and a floating-rate structure of regular payouts that enables investors to enjoy a higher level of coupon payments if interest rates continue to rise.

The Credit Suisse (Lux) Fixed Maturity FR Bond Fund 2023 S-IV is the fifth and latest addition to the family of fixed-maturity bond funds managed by Asset Management Fixed Income. During the funds’ respective subscription periods between 2016 and 2019, a total of USD 7.3 billion has been raised.


  • Investing in emerging markets involves a greater level of risk than investing in developed markets. Typical risks encountered in emerging markets include a certain degree of political instability, relatively unpredictable financial markets and economic growth patterns, a financial market that is still at the development stage, or a weak economy.
  • There is no guarantee for the level of coupon payments or the value of the investments at maturity or at any other time.

1 The product’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses, as well as more complete information about the product are provided in the prospectus (or a relevant offering document), which should be read carefully before investing.

Source: Credit Suisse, otherwise specified.

The attention of investors is specifically drawn to the “Risk Factors” section in the sales prospectus and although high priority is given to risk control and monitoring, it cannot be ruled out that in exceptional cases a significant loss on individual investments may occur.

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