Credit Suisse Asset Management joins the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change

Credit Suisse Asset Management has signed up to the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC), underlining its commitment to net zero as a key sustainability ambition.

July 25, 2022

The IIGCC is the leading European organization for investor collaboration on climate change, with over 350 members representing more than EUR 51 trillion in assets under management. Its mission is to support and empower the investment community to make significant progress toward a net zero and resilient future.

Jeroen Bos, Global Head of Sustainable Investing at Credit Suisse Asset Management: "We are committed to further reducing the emissions of our investment portfolios, engaging with the companies we invest in to commit to net zero and developing investment solutions that facilitate the energy transition. The time to act is now and the IIGCC provides an excellent platform to help us accelerate and work together with peers to make a positive impact in the transition to net zero.” 

Credit Suisse Asset Management is developing its Climate Action Report, which it expects to make public in the coming quarters. The report will include details on its net zero interim goals, its active ownership strategy in the area of climate as well as its ambition to provide further solutions for clients in the transition to net zero.