Currency management

Take advantage of our value-added solutions for all your currency needs, including active and passive hedging.

Why delegate currency management?

A separate currency overlay can provide significant cost-saving synergies for most international investors while also eliminating operational risks.

Our dedicated currency team has an average of 24 years of hands-on currency management experience. Today, we manage close to USD 71.3 bn1 in tailored currency overlay and share class-hedging solutions using specialized currency risk management systems and tools.

This combination of global market knowledge, in-depth local market expertise, and state-of-the-art systems and processes allows us to offer value-added solutions for all your currency needs, including active and passive hedging.

Client-focused approach

For any currency management solution, the objectives of the client are critical to the definition of a precise strategy. We consider the ability to provide tailored and flexible currency management solutions as one of our core capabilities. Most of our mandates are customized according to specific client preferences, currency exposures and/or risk constraints. We will work with you to determine the optimal parameters for your currency-hedging program, including the best execution setup.

The case for delegated currency management

Henrik Pedersen, Senior Portfolio Manager for Currency Management at Credit Suisse Asset Management, explains how investors with unintended FX exposures can benefit from currency management solutions provided by a dedicated expert team.

Benefits and risks

Potential benefits

Potential risks

1 Currency exposure under management at Credit Suisse Asset Management. As of 31.12.2022. Includes USD 29.1 bn in benchmark replication for index funds.

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