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Take advantage of our expertise across fixed income segments for access to exciting opportunities in this rapidly evolving asset class.

Investment strategies

Our fixed income investors benefit from a diverse collection of strategies, including low-risk and short-term solutions alongside high-yield and non-traditional investments. Explore investment options spanning from funds to fully customized discretionary mandates, or a blend of both.

Seek uncorrelated alpha1 with our proven investment process. Invest with a view to sustainability by selecting strategies that integrate material ESG criteria to improve the expected risk/return profile.2

Fixed income insights

Protect and grow your capital with innovative, customized solutions that can provide you with steady income and stable performance.

1 Alpha is a measurement of the performance of an investment against a market index used as a benchmark.
2 ESG stands for environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G). More information is available at For further information about the ESG investment criteria, please visit Information about the Credit Suisse Sustainable Investment Framework can be found at Sustainability reports and research | Credit Suisse (

Opportunities and risks

Reasons to invest

Potential risks

Investment possibilities

Find investment products that suit your personal needs. Choose from our extensive range of investment solutions across all major asset classes, and access all product-related information.

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All investments involve some level of risk. Simply defined, risk is the possibility that you will lose money or not make money. 

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