Fund updates tailored to your needs

January 9, 2023

To improve quality of service and to accelerate communications with our clients, we are delighted to inform you about a new digital enhancement on our platform that will go live in February 2023.

We are aware that pertinence of content and the speed with which the information is provided are key factors essential to monitoring your investments and making future decisions. We therefore are instituting a major change to our fund newsletters in order to better cater to your needs. We will offer you our new fund updates service starting in February 2023. The major change to be implemented means the following for you:

What will change? 

Today, you receive a monthly fund newsletter containing a preselected list of funds. In the future, you will be able to define which funds you want to follow. You will receive the information tailored to your product interests.

To make the switch easier for you, we will automatically send you fund updates based on the funds included in the fund newsletter you received in the past. You then will be able to customize this selection in your preference center. 

How do you follow a fund? 

Go to our Fundsearch page at, use the filter options or the search field to choose the fund you want to follow, and then click on the “bell” button in the action bar on the right-hand side of the screen. You henceforth will receive a fund update via email as soon as the fund data and the portfolio manager commentary are updated. If you follow several funds updated on the same day, we will combine them into a single email to make sure that you do not receive more than one message on the same day. This measure implemented will ensure that you receive information on your funds practically with no delay.

NEW enhancement on Fundsearch

Our fund platform Fundsearch enables you to navigate through our fund offerings interactively. Here you can now access fund data on an intramonth basis and can track funds’ historical data by selecting a date in the past. Besides the various portfolio breakdowns, risk data, and other featured functions, you will also find portfolio managers’ commentaries and an extensive range of documents related to the funds.

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