Indirect Real Estate

Gain access to some of the world's most renowned real estate managers, who are intimately connected in their home markets and segments.

Investment strategies 

Indirect real estate investments diversify your holdings as well as risks and protect against inflation, while allowing you to earn a solid return with moderate volatility.

Real estate markets are complex and sometimes fail to reflect underlying values. We are able to exploit these market inefficiencies to achieve substantial returns. Actively and independently of benchmarks, we generate added value through strategic asset allocation across countries and sectors. Unflinching fundamental analysis helps us in selecting the right managers and vehicles.

Choose between products and customized mandates that invest in listed and non-listed markets:

  • Global non-listed real estate
  • Global listed real estate
  • Swiss and global listed real estate
  • Swiss listed and non-listed real estate

Opportunities and risks

Reasons to invest

Potential risks

Investment possibilities

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