Fund updates tailored to your needs

February 14, 2023

To improve quality of service and to accelerate communications with our clients, we are delighted to inform you about a new digital enhancement on our platform.

We are aware that pertinence of content and the speed with which fund-related information is provided are key factors essential to monitoring your investments and making future decisions. We therefore are providing a new fund updates service that enables you to follow a fund and receive its factsheet in your inbox quickly and easily.

How do you follow a fund? Go to our Fundsearch page at, use the filter options or the search field to choose the fund you want to follow, and then click on the “bell” button on the right-hand side of the screen. You henceforth will receive a fund update via email as soon as the fund data and the portfolio manager commentary are updated. If you follow several funds updated on the same day, we will combine the updates into a daily email.