The sustainability approach of Global Real Estate

Global Real Estate's objective is to generate sustainable financial, environmental, and social returns. Credit Suisse Asset Management focuses on three core initiatives in the real estate sector.

February 26, 2020

Global Real Estate has developed a comprehensive ESG approach that also reflects the principles of impact investing. The focus is on three core initiatives.

Labels add transparency

Investors interested in sustainable investments must be able to understand the strategies of the investment vehicles. Transparent information on the applicable sustainability criteria is therefore required. In 2009, Global Real Estate therefore created its own "greenproperty" label, which is continuously being developed. Greenproperty pursues a holistic ESG approach in the construction of real estate, and also takes into account other national and international sustainability labels and standards such as Minergie, SNBS, DGNB, and LEED.

Real estate optimization

Systematically exploiting opportunities for optimization

Global Real Estate sets sustainability standards for existing properties as well. A combination of short-term optimization measures in operations and long-term refurbishment generates financial benefits for investors and leads to environmental improvements. Concrete examples include use of renewable energy, the promotion of e-mobility, and efficiency gains through the use of new technologies. In cooperation with Siemens Switzerland, Global Real Estate is constantly identifying and implementing new opportunities for optimization. In the case of a fund for qualified investors, Global Real Estate will offset the remaining CO2 emissions through CO2 certificates. This fund is the first fully CO2-neutral real estate fund.

International benchmarking

All Swiss and international Core/Core+ investment funds and foundations participate in the comprehensive ESG performance measurement and ESG benchmarking of the leading international Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). The GRESB compares in-house investment vehicles with those of competitors, thereby offering investors greater transparency.

Additional sustainability initiatives

Global Real Estate also focuses on renewable energy, e-mobility, and CO2-neutral electricity generation.

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