Environmental Impact

Invest in impactful solutions

Why make an environmental impact?

Tackling pressing environmental challenges and effecting the transition to a more sustainable world requires channeling large pools of capital toward impactful solutions. More and more companies are specializing in products, services, and technologies that help solve diverse environmental problems or significantly reduce their negative impact. Investing in such companies contributes to addressing those environmental challenges while also offering attractive long-term return potential.

Why now?

In recent years, climate change and environmental pollution have had a material negative financial impact on the global economy. The need for solutions to the multifaceted environmental challenges is opening up new markets and expanding existing ones, offering multiple opportunities for active managers.

Impact and engagement report

Our impact and engagement report describes how products and solutions provided by investee companies of the Credit Suisse (Lux) Environmental Impact Equity Fund help address some of the most pressing environmental challenges.


  • The fund does not offer capital protection: investors may lose part or all of their investment in this product.
  • Political developments concerning environmental regulations may have a significant, adverse impact on the underlying investable universe.
  • Exposure to small- and mid-cap companies may result in elevated short-term volatility and may carry liquidity risk.
  • An elevated concentration on specific sectors or industry dynamics may fall out of investor favor at certain points in time.
  • Heightened exposure to less-regulated sectors and to businesses such as renewable resources that are not yet well established could cause temporary volatility and may carry liquidity risk.
  • Exposure to emerging markets may increase volatility. 
  • It is possible that the data from the ESG data providers may be incorrect, unavailable, or not immediately updated and therefore may experience some time lag.

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