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Commodities: The Strategic Case

Inflation and the Macro Economy

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The Benefits of Adding Broad-Basket Commodities to Your Asset Allocation

Commodities: The Strategic Case (December 2017)

Active Index Strategies vs. Hiring a Discretionary Investment Manager

Uncovering Hidden Risks in “Active” Commodities Indices (April 2013)

Clarifying Misconceptions About Roll Yield and Curve Shape

Capitalizing on any Curve: Clarifying Misconceptions About Commodity Indexing (September 2016)

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Commodities and COVID-19

A Fluid Market Event (March 2020)

Is Inflation Dead?

Inflation and the Macro-Economy (January 2020)

CSAM Commodities Q&A

Views on the Saudi Oil Facilities Attack (September 2019)

We’re in Late Stage Expansion – Now What?

Business Cycle Risk: Diversifying With Commodities (September 2019)

From Soybeans to Livestock: The Early Rumblings of the US-China Trade War

Tariff Impacts on Commodities (August 2018)

Contango Shmango – The Biggest Mistake about Commodity Investment Returns

Futures Curve Misconceptions (September 2016)

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