Custom Solutions

Our Partnership Model

Custom solutions are fundamentally partnerships. We believe in planning, open dialogue, careful objective setting, and regular ongoing communication with you.

Investment Objectives and Constraints Consultation: we work with you to define investment objectives and specify solution constraints.

Analysis of Pre-Existing Exposures: we analyze your holdings to identify gaps and latent risk concentrations. This analysis forms the basis for ongoing interactive dialogue oriented toward refining investment objectives and focusing risk intentions.

Deliberate Risk Extension

We collect and filter a broad range of third party market and systematic strategy index data (1,200+ indices) to produce a sparse but comprehensive set of exposure benchmarks. This work enables us to decompose any portfolio in common terms, which offer much greater insight than traditional PCA or capital allocation decompositions. The goal is salience.

Highlighting Opportunities

Our seasoned investment professionals apply scientific rigor to the analysis of your portfolio, generating actionable insights we leverage to help you achieve your objectives.

Promoting Consistent Risk Balance

Our active approach recognizes that markets evolve, and seeks to address the dynamic nature of risk and correlation in your portfolio.

CSAM QIS Leadership

Yung-Shin Kung

Managing Director, is Head and Chief Investment Officer of CSAM QIS