Credit Suisse Investment Partners

Credit Suisse Investment Partners is an asset manager specializing in asymmetric and convex investment strategies with a focus on global convertible bonds. The company consists of an established team of specialists with many years of investment experience and expertise.

Credit Suisse Investment Partners (Switzerland) Ltd. was founded in 2020 by Credit Suisse Asset Management (Switzerland) Ltd. and AgaNola Ltd.

With this new company we are expanding our successful partnership in the convertible bond segment. Credit Suisse Investment Partners combines the convertible bond business of Credit Suisse Asset Management and AgaNola. This combination creates a leading and dedicated Swiss convertible bond specialist based in Pfäffikon, Canton Schwyz.

The management team brings together experienced convertible bond specialists under the leadership of Oliver Gasser, former CEO of AgaNola. 

Thanks to their high-performance, risk-adjusted returns and a dynamically growing supply, convertible bonds have increasingly become the focus of investors in recent years. Their hybrid nature combines the defensive characteristics of bonds with the upside potential of stocks.

We actively manage broadly diversified portfolios of convertible bonds. Our goal is to optimize the risk-reward profiles. In order to exploit short-term distortions in valuations, for example, we also take into account special situations as an attractive source of alpha, such as company takeovers, dividends, spin-offs or other corporate actions.

We offer three different strategies:

  • Investment Grade (investments with high credit quality, which guarantees stable bond floors)
  • Balanced (balanced risk-reward profile, with higher portfolio turnover and credit risk because of exposure to issuers rated below investment grade)
  • Dynamic (high performance potential, with higher volatility and credit risk because of exposure to issuers rated below investment grade)

Private and Qualified Investors

Qualified Investors only

  • 2020: Majority investment by Credit Suisse Asset Management and renaming 
  • 2019: +1bn Credit Suisse (Lux) AgaNola Global Convertible Bond Fund
  • 2016: Partnership between AgaNola and Credit Suisse Asset Management at the product level; dynamic growth in client assets under management
  • 2007: Foundation of AgaNola Ltd., an independent Asset Manager, who since 2009 is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA ) and governed by the Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA/KAG): from the outset specializing in convertible bonds and the build-up of a reputation as a leading provider
  • 1984: Launch of the Credit Suisse Convertible International Bond Fund