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Opportunity within uncertainty

The era of low interest rates has come to an end. Investors are facing  interest rate hikes, persistent inflation, and high volatility. We are here to help clients find attractive fixed-income solutions in these uncertain market conditions.

“Being fixed income investors, we are naturally conditioned by the asymmetry of returns that we face. That means that we ask questions, challenge beliefs and seek solace in our uncertainty- creating opportunity to deliver performance excellence for our clients.”

Andrew Jackson, Head of Fixed Income

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„We have built strong and long-standing relationships with investors over the years who have come to appreciate our innovative and customized fixed income solutions as well as our client focus."

Sandro Müller, Head of Fixed Income Capability Specialists

Individual mentioned above only conduct regulated activities in the jurisdiction (s) where they are properly licensed, where relevant.

“Emerging Markets credit has become a growing and dynamic asset class of its own. As dedicated active fixed-income managers, we believe in the opportunity of this market to tailor attractive investment solutions that meet our client needs”

Gonzalo Borja, Head of Fixed Income Investment Solution

Individual mentioned above only conduct regulated activities in the jurisdiction (s) where they are properly licensed, where relevant.

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