Managed Futures Strategy

An Investible Benchmark for Trend-Following

Our Managed Futures Strategy is an investible benchmark, tracked and employed by major institutional investors and their consultants. The program seeks to capture significant trends across major asset classes in a manner consistent with leading hedge fund benchmarks. Trend-following methodologies such as the Managed Futures Strategy have historically offered an important source of diversification, particularly during large equity drawdowns.

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Introduction to the Managed Futures Strategy

QIS Global Head and CIO Yung-Shin Kung and Senior Investment Specialist Christian Hoffmann provide insights into this trend-following strategy that can potentially generate positive returns from both rising and falling markets.

How to Diversify with Trend Following

Yung-Shin Kung discusses the growing popularity of trend following strategies and addresses key factors investors should consider when allocating to the space.

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Portfolio Team

Yung-Shin Kung

Yung-Shin Kung

Managing Director, is Head and Chief Investment Officer of CSAM QIS

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