Updated on September 25, 2023

Sustainable Investing


Credit Suisse Asset Management aims to be the partner of choice for sustainable investors. In September 2019, we announced our plan to increasingly incorporate environmental, social, and governance considerations – the ESG factors – into the investment process of several of our strategies. Following this announcement, we have been making substantial efforts to accelerate our sustainable investing agenda and implement it across many of our core asset classes. We have increased our proxy voting coverage by defining specific regional proxy voting policies, and, in order to reinforce our commitment to sustainability, we have strengthened our Sustainable Investing team. Furthermore, Credit Suisse Asset Management has joined the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative and has signed up to the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC), underscoring its commitment to net zero as a key sustainability ambition.

We take a systematic approach to sustainable investing. This means that ESG factors are taken into account at various stages throughout the investment process. Our sustainable investing strategies employ ESG criteria when defining the investment universe (e.g. ESG Exclusions), integrate ESG factors directly into the investment process, extend traditional research views to encompass sustainability considerations, and reflect on ESG factors when selecting and defining exposure to securities. We monitor the resulting portfolios in terms of their sustainability characteristics. Furthermore, we support sustainability initiatives through proxy voting, participation in annual general meetings (AGMs), and engaging with investee companies. In addition, we provide detailed ESG reporting to enhance portfolio transparency for our clients. Lastly, Credit Suisse Asset Management and Credit Suisse participate in several sustainability networks and initiatives.

We intend to further develop and promote sustainable investing products and services that seek to generate financial returns while incorporating ESG considerations. We are convinced that our focus on sustainability accords with and assists us in our fiduciary duty to preserve and increase the value of our portfolios to clients.

The information in this document relates to investment funds that apply the Credit Suisse Asset Management’s Sustainable Investing Policy. Not all elements explained in this document are applicable to each investment fund. To understand how the content of this document is applied to a specific investment fund, please consult the relevant product legal documentation. For elements or sections that are specific to a subset of investment funds (e.g. a specific asset class or sustainable investment approach), their respective scope of application is highlighted at the beginning of those sections.

Credit Suisse Asset Management also manages discretionary portfolios of individual investors with sustainable investing strategies. The details of the sustainable investing strategy are agreed on with the client directly and may deviate from the information in this document.

1. Credit Suisse Asset Management’s Sustainable Investing Policy

Sustainable investing refers to the process of considering environmental, social, and governance information (ESG Factors) when making investment decisions. To ensure that our sustainable investing funds meet the standards set by our clients, regulators, and the standards we set ourselves, we have established dedicated sustainable investing principles that are governed by the Sustainable Investing Policy. Credit Suisse Asset Management’s Sustainable Investing Policy applies to investment funds whose investment process includes ESG considerations and/or that follow a defined sustainable investment objective. A dedicated Sustainable Investing team governs and maintains our Sustainable Investing Policy.

Credit Suisse Asset Management’s Sustainable Investing Policy is aligned with the Credit Suisse Sustainable Investment Framework, which applies to all Credit Suisse divisions and businesses.

2. Regulatory methodologies and standards

This section outlines methodologies and standards that are used to manage and measure ESG Factors for investment funds in scope of the Credit Suisse Asset Management’s Sustainable Investing Policy.

3. Special topics