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Investment possibilities

Find investment products that suit your personal needs. Choose from our extensive range of investment solutions across all major asset classes, and access all product-related information.

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Sustainable investing

Sustainable returns come with our forward-looking focus on ESG criteria.

Thematic equity investing

Benefit from our thought leadership and deep expertise in the megatrends shaping tomorrow’s investment landscapes.

Convertible bonds

Convertible bonds offer the upside potential of equities combined with the benefits of bonds. 

Emerging market corporate bonds

Over the past 20 years, emerging markets have come into their own and now offer investors a distinct, diverse, and mature asset class full of exciting and attractive investment prospects.


Navigate the universe of equity investments with the help of our specialists, and access globally managed strategies.

Real Estate

A leading provider of real estate investments, we offer real estate solutions that span multiple regions and investment types. 

Fixed Income

Protect and grow your capital with innovative, customized solutions that can provide you with steady income and stable performance. 

Index Solutions

Benefit from our wide range of index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offering liquidity, broad diversification and excellent cost efficiency.

Multi Asset Solutions

Choose from our wide range of balanced investments, which include a selection of different investment styles, types and reference currencies.

Currency management

Outsource your currency management to us and benefit from significant synergies while mitigating operative risks.

Alternative Investments

Explore our innovative range of alternative investments featuring unique, diversified and attractive investment opportunities.

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